New Top Selling Electrolysis Protection Starter Kit

Get started today with our Electrolysis Protection Starter Kit. This Starter Kit comes equipped with 12 of our most popular selling radiator caps, 4 different color Custom Cap covers, Voltage Sponge, Coolant Filter, Smart Ground Wire, and 3 bottles each of our Inter-Ject Arrestor and Coolant Flusher. Also Included is a counter display and literature of all the products.

Retail Locator

Having problems finding our products in your area look no further and check out our Retail locator. Displays all of our dealers and there address’s and phone numbers. They are all scattered through out the country and sell our products.

New Adapters

Coolant Filters now include quarter inch rubber hose adapters for easy installation. The rubber adapters fit right over Coolant Filter ends and slide right into connecting hoses for a nice tight fit.

Another Satisfied Customer

A Mr. Tom from Medford Oregon was having lots of problems with his radiator on his Ford F-150. He had it replaced 4 times and had no solution to his problem till he used some of our products and has been happy ever since and has not experienced a problem ever since the use of our products